Latvian Divorce From Abroad

Divorce From Abroad.

latvian divorce from abroadGetting divorce in Latvia from abroad is a grueling and painful process but there are instances when Latvian divorce from abroad is the only sane and logical option left. But as you face the emotional burden of ending the marriage, the question on how to get a divorce from abroad haunts you. You also need to get answers if you and your estranged spouse got married in Latvia but:

  • Living abroad but want to get a divorce in Latvia 
  • Living aboard and wants to get a divorce in another EU country
  • One of the spouse resides in Latvia while the other resides in another country
  • You and your spouse are currently residing in same or separate countries

Your divorce case, marriage set-up and other possible factors could affect the outcome of the divorce proceedings. But for the above scenarios, divorce from aboard is no longer that complicated:

  • You can file for a divorce even without physically going back to Latvia.
  • Latvian divorce specialists will help you secure necessary forms for you to sign and complete.
  • Latvian divorce specialists will submit the said forms once accomplished.
  • No need for you to go through the trouble of waiting in queue and going back and forth from one office to the other.
  • Hiring a professional will ensure that filing a divorce from abroad will be faster and easier regardless if you were living in the USA, UK, Australia and other countries.

Also, European countries have a rule wherein the first (EU) country where the divorce was filed will be prioritized for the divorce jurisdiction. This may seem practical but Latvians may encounter difficulties later on since different EU countries have different rules on divorce like citizenship, residence, or the basis for divorce. Other factors to consider are:

  • Your convenience in filing a divorce and completing all necessary documents.
  • The amount you will spend from filing divorce in other EU country other than Latvia.
  • Will it be financially beneficial and practical?
  • If you have a prenuptial agreement, will it be honored?
  • If you have children, what would be the rule on custody?

Latvian Family Solicitors or divorce specialists will assess your individual case to make sure that you complete and finish the divorce process even divorce from abroad.  For inquiries or to book for consultation, call +353-1-5397978 or email