Divorce in Latvia

Divorce in Latvia from abroad.

Divorce in Latvia form abroad

Divorce in Latvia can be difficult process which requires knowledge and professionalism. We know that parting ways with your spouse is painful. You spend a number of years together and created countless memories that make you smile or some strike a jabbing pain in your heart. However, there are certain issues that could not be settled and getting a divorce, no matter how painful it is, is the only option left. Filing for a divorce is a grueling process especially that there are many forms that you need to accomplish and submit. You also need to talk to your lawyers or consult a divorce specialist that can guide you on what to do and what documents to prepare. But as you think that getting a divorce is easy, it is not. Getting divorce could be a long and grueling process especially if you are doing it on your own and if you are a Latvian whose marriage was concluded in other countries but who wanted to settle the divorce in Latvia. Our law firm specializes in divorces involving out-of-country residents and clients with unique circumstances. In most cases, your presence is necessary, but not required during the court proceedings.

How We Can Help You Get A Divorce?

Divorce specialists in Balt Divorce will save you the trouble of going to and from different agencies in Latvia. The company will save you the trouble of talking to different people and spending precious time in securing and accomplishing forms and other requirements. With the help of divorce specialists, you can take care of other important matters like preparing yourself emotionally and psychologically especially that getting a divorce is a messy and painful process. If you have children, you can spend time with them instead. But you may ask, what can Balt Divorce divorce specialists do for you?

• make necessary consultations with you that will serve as their basis to process your divorce.
• secure all necessary forms and documents for you to fill out.
• secure appointments with the notary and divorce solicitor in Latvia.
• take care of the notarization, submission and all necessary divorce documentations.
• take care of the translation of your divorce documents.
• give you a certificate of divorce once all is done and finished.

The divorce specialists in Balt Divorce will not only help Latvian citizens who got married abroad but they will also can help theyr spouses who got married to Latvian citizens. Whether you married in other countries or in your home country, you can rest assured that your divorce will be processed efficiently and fast as possible. Talking about fast processing, don’t expect that your divorce will be done and over with after a couple of weeks or so. The length of time it will take you to complete the divorce depends on your case or individual cases.

So, call Balt Divorce divorce specialists now or send your inquiries to book for a consultation.